59.80 Cr : 3,000 sq. ft

The next 5 minute read can be totally judgmental & purely offensive.

So, here’s the story…

Hinduja Group has set the price of a luxurious 2-bed room flat at 59 Crore Rupees.
Hinduja Group has set the price of a luxurious 2-bed room flat at 59 Crore Rupees.

Since childhood, I have been asked to study well to get into a good college. And then, study well to get into a good company. Eventually, to get a good in-hand salary. What do I do next? Get a house, get a car, and eventually to get married only to raise the next set of kids and the cycle goes on.

Wait! How do I get a 2 BHK Flat? - Apply for a home loan. Availing a loan always comes with this sweet term “EMI” — The most beloved for all of us.

On the other hand, this so called Hinduja Group’s net worth around the time of my birth was close to $ 1 billion which sky rocketed to $ 15 billion as of this year. Two weeks ago, I have seen this news of Hinduja Group renovating the Old War Office in London and has put a price of almost 60 Crore Rupees per each of those 2 BHK Flats.

And this put me into thinking all these days. Where are we operating our lives? I won’t say that this is not about money. This is about MONEY, but apart from that, there is something which we are not aware of. And the only question to follow up — Are we stuck in our lives & in what we are doing? Also, people in India, merely in South India, have got their set of words ready when we talk about money. Here are a few!

  1. They are from “that” caste. They have business in their blood.
  2. They have a lot of generational wealth.
  3. They have been doing it since childhood.

Finally, to arrive at this conclusive statement of “We can’t do it like them!”. There is this other set of people, who bought this term of philosophy and spirituality & owned it to their core only to say that money isn’t everything. Here is what I say — Either they have earned a lot or they couldn’t a find a way to earn.

The whole mindset shift cannot happen with a single generation. It takes generations, forget decades. Why don’t we take charge of that? It’s completely okay if you fail. At least you won’t have the regret of not trying. Get over yourselves. I’m embarrassed, I’m shy, I’m an introvert, I get hurt! Fuck that, who cares. Nobody has got the time & heart. If you are fine with what you are right now and how much you earn, it’s totally okay to disagree with my idea of this blog post. And I would really respect you for that, for not shying away from expressing what you truly are and why you are disagreeing with me.

It’s always been this risk-free mentality of the community. We want our kids to get settled. We want our kids to get married. We want our kids to have kids. Did you ever stop & think, why? Why to do this? Why not that? I don’t find people doing it. People associate prestige and pride with their kids’ so-called status in the society. Firstly, I want to declare that this society is just another concept that the humans like you and me have weaved out of air. Society would help you in many ways but at the same time, when it lets you down, you have the responsibility & right to point out.

This concept of Settling is shit. My kid is now working in a reputed organization. My kid is getting married. And this hits the worst and disgusting levels in the case of daughters. People want their daughters to marry a guy who’s better than her in education and salary. What do you mean by this? Women are equally capable of doing wonders. If I have to take a stand, I guess, I would be accepting that women are more powerful and determined. No one wants to accept the change. And the second worst part is following our elders and ancestors blindly. This takes me to another concept of “Indian” System. Obedience. This word kills the curiosity in the children. This word, alone is responsible for shutting their mouths before asking “Why”.

Elders: This is a rule, you need to do it.
Children: Tell me why?
Elders (Angry now): Look, he is asking me why!

I always say this to myself to only respect people who can behave according to their age and has achieved the maturity as their age suggests. Anybody can become “Adult” only if they can achieve a state of mind of accepting everything which comes their way and at the same time, handling things sensibly well. Experience is always gold. All that matters is not experience, but the way you have changed as a person after the experience.

Someone now asks me why did you tell us to not respect our elders. Bro, please do it read again, I told not to “follow them Blindly”. You need to follow them. You need to respect them for their experience. But, they are human too. As a person, it would be your mistake if you won’t point out their flaws. Ego lets people not accept things but, eventually everybody will realize. Correcting and complementing each other has to be there in every healthy relationship.

This kind of relationships can heal the society to accept the change in a better way. In turn, the society encourages you to embrace the change if someone is unwilling to. After all, life is all about that delta. What are we at 0 and what are we at 80? The reason why I have started this with the concept of money is because people are always scared to talk about it. People adjust their answers to get satisfied. I don’t want you to be diplomatic with yourself. Be honest. Ask yourself, what do you want? Try to get it. If failed, we’ll help you get it. If you got it, we’ll celebrate with you.

Most importantly, at least with this generation, we’ll treat the girl child better than how they were being treated. I hope, I don’t need to make a point like this, a decade down the line.

Stop trying to settle. We are already privileged. Leave the mediocrity.
Let’s create something. Let’s not be too selfish to have enough for our stomach. Let’s uplift the unfortunates as well. Stay safe & take care ❤

Writing makes me happy!